What State am I in?

What State am I in? Find the state where you are in based on your current location. This location tool displays your state alongside your address, zip code and coordinates to help you understand where you are.

Please Allow Location when prompted by your browser. Make sure your device location is turned on. Refresh and try again if it stays loading.

What State am I in Right now?

This is the State information gotten from your location

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What is my State?

This location tool also helps you find the name of the state of your residence. This information is important for administrative, emergency, taxation and documentation purposes.


When visiting the website for time, you will be prompted whereami.place wants to know your location, you will need to click on allow to enable us to display your state and address.

Also your device location needs to be turned on for our website to be able to show this notification. So if you are having trouble using our location tool, make sure that;

  • Your Device location is turned on
  • And that you click on allow when prompted to allow our website access to your location.

If you do not allow permission to use your location, whereami.place will approximate your State based on the IP address of your browser’s internet connection.

After troubleshooting, you can refresh your browser to get the location and State where you are in.

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