What is My Elevation?

Discover your current elevation, altitude and height above sea level with our "What is my Elevation?" tool. You can use this information for your outdoor events such as hiking and mountain climbing. The results are based on my current altitude data from Google Earth.

Your elevation and altitude of my location is displayed alongside your Address and coordinates on your Iphone, android and desktop device.

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What is My Current Elevation?

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How to Find My Current Elevation

To determine your current elevation, you can use an altimeter app on your smartphone or a GPS device with elevation capabilities. Also, online resources like Google Earth can help display your elevation data. Here are 3 other suggestions:

  • Online Elevation Tools: There are many websites and apps that provide elevation data for specific locations. https://www.whereami.place/what-is-my-elevation is one such website.
    • Load the " What is My Elevation?" page.

    • Click to *Allow location when prompted by your browser

    • Your Elevation is displayed Alongside your location, Address and Coordinates.

  • Physical Topographic Maps: Topographic maps are detailed maps that include elevation information. You can find these maps at outdoor equipment stores, online, or even in some libraries.
  • Government Websites: Some countries have government websites that provide elevation data. For example, in the United States, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) offers elevation data through tools like the National Map Viewer.

When using online tools or apps, keep in mind that the elevation they provide might not be 100% accurate due to various factors like GPS accuracy, map resolution, and updates.

However, they should give you a fairly good estimate of your elevation. If precision is critical, consider using specialised equipment or tools used by surveyors or researchers.

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