What City am I in?

What City am I in? - Find the City, Town and Street of your current location. The location result displays alongside your City address, Map, and zip code.

Please Allow Location when prompted by the browser. Make sure your device location is currently turned on. Refresh and try again if it stays loading.

What City am I in?

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What City do I live in?

You can use this geolocation tool to find the city where you live, alongside your address, zip code and even the state where you live. This information is important for a lot of reasons, especially if you moved into an area recently.

Why do you need to know which city you are currently in?

Have you ever found yourself in a new city, wondering where exactly you are? Or have you needed to quickly share your current location with someone but couldn't quite pinpoint it? This is where knowing what city and state you are in comes into play.

Geolocation utilises information from GPS satellites, Wi-Fi networks, and cellular towers to determine the precise geographic coordinates of a device. By translating these coordinates, you can retrieve information about the city and even state you're in.

Aside from Navigation, here are some other reason why you need to know your current city:

  • Local Services: Access to location-specific information like weather, news, and restaurants.
  • Travel Planning: Foundation for trip arrangements and itinerary creation.
  • Communication: Easy sharing of whereabouts with friends and family.
  • Emergency Situations: Swift response from first responders.
  • Cultural Knowledge: Engaging with local customs and events.
  • Social Media: Adding context to posts through geotagging.
  • Legal/Administrative: Required for identification and verification.
  • Personal Awareness: Informed decisions based on local factors


When visiting the website for time, you will be prompted whereami.place wants to know your location, you will need to click on allow to enable us to display your state and address.

Also your device location needs to be turned on for our website to be able to show this notification. So if you are having trouble using our location tool, make sure that;
  • Your Device location is turned on
  • And that you click on allow when prompted to allow our website access to your location.

If you do not allow permission to use your location, whereami.place will approximate your location (City and State) based on the IP address of your browser’s internet connection.

After troubleshooting, you can refresh your browser to get the location and city where you are in.

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