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Wondering Where am I Right Now? Finding my location now has become easier with 'Where am I' app. This website shows your current location and exact address alongside your IP and GPS Coordinates.

Where am I Right Now?

Where am I Right Now Tips: For added privacy, review and adjust your live location settings. If the GPS location on your device isn't showing accurately, check the settings, and ensure it is enabled. You also have to grant whereami.place access to your location when prompted by your browser.

Your location address will include your country, state, city, zip code, street name, and street number.

You also get information about your IP Location and GPS Coordinates

What is my Current Location?

My Location Address is:
My Location Coordinates are:Loading location...

Where am I? My Location Map

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You can zoom in and move the map with your fingers to see your live location, and the names of nearby buildings, streets, roads, and towns.

This location map helps you familiarise yourself with your environment virtually.This is made available through Google Maps .

How to Find My Location

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find out where am I right now and your exact address using My Location tool
  • Visit “Where am I” homepage.

  • Turn on your device location settings. Enable GPS location sharing for best current location accuracy.

  • You will be prompted by your browser. Click on *Allow location.

  • Voilà! your coordinates, address, and exact location will be displayed on your screen.

This works across different devices such as Android, iPhone, and your computer.

Find My Location Live Using IP Address

To find your location using IP address, follow the steps:
  • Visit whereami.place home page

  • Click on the menu bar at the top right corner of the page. Click on 'What is my IP Address?'

  • Our tool will display your IP address, IP state, latitude, and longitude

The IP location is an alternative way of finding your location using the IP address from your Internet service provider.

Your IP address location does not tell your exact GPS coordinates as such cannot detect your current location. But it can show your state/province and country. Using VPNs can also affect IP address location.

However, this doesn't rule out using an IP address to find a location, but it's not a 100% accurate method to know “where am I right now exact address”.

How To Share My Location Live

In a situation where you wish to share my location; Google Maps also has this feature that enables you to share live location with your friends and family.

Here is how to share location on Google map using iPhone and Android:
  • Open Google Maps app on your Android, iPhone, or tablet. Click on your profile icon

  • Tap on location sharing. Select how long you wish to share your location. Tap on the profile of the person you wish to share your location with

  • You can also tap on the app through which you wish to share a link to your location on Google Maps.

Alternatively, you can copy the address and my coordinates that our location finder tool provides and send them to whoever it is you wish to share your location with. In a situation where you need to discreetly share your location, sending your location coordinates may be a good idea especially if the person you are sending to knows how to read coordinates.

How Do I Turn On or Turn Off Location On My iPhone?

iPhone allows you to share your location with certain apps or keep it private after Installing an app. However, you can always change your location settings.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to turn on and turn off location on iPhone:
  • Go settings. Click on Privacy. Tap on location services

  • To turn on or off location services, toggle the switch next to "location services"

  • If you turn the switch on, it will allow apps to access the location of your device and if you turn the switch off, your location will be private.

Remember that in order to use our cutting-edge location finder tool to find your location or address, you need to keep your phone location on.

Please keep in mind that it doesn't end with turning on your phone location. Your browser also needs to have access to your location.

Here is how to enable your browser to access your location on iPhone:
  • Go to settings. Tap on Privacy. Click on "location services"

  • On that screen, you will see a list of apps on your phone

  • Click on Chrome, Safari or any other browser you use. To share your location, choose 'while using the app', 'always' or 'ask next time'.

Google Maps, Apple Maps , weather app as well as some other apps need access to your phone's location to function properly. Your browser is not the only app that may need access to your phone's location. Keep in mind that you can always change your location services settings anytime by using the same steps listed above.

How Do I Manage My Location On Android?

To turn on or turn off your Android phone location usually requires bringing down the drop-down menu and toggling the location icon to suit your needs.

However, to choose which app uses your Android phone location, follow the steps:
  • Visit settings. Click on Privacy. Tap on location

  • A list of all the apps on your phone will be displayed on your screen with their current location access status .To enable Chrome and other browsers to have access to your location, tap on the app and select "allow while using app". If you wish to disable any app from using your phone's location, tap on deny.

Why Is It Important To Always Know Your Current Location?

Knowing your current location is important in cases of emergency. It helps you find a way out of that environment or swiftly share your location with People who can be of help. However, there are other benefits of knowing your location:

  • To keep track of where you are while travelling. Easily navigate around a new city, town, or country.

  • To geotag photos and videos on social media. To find the route from your location to any other destination.

  • To share my location now with friends and family. To enable friends to find me.

With our tool, you will not have to ask "Where am I right now?" again without getting a swift and accurate response.

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